Bankrolling The Brand

In a stunning move that takes Coca-Cola into a whole new stratosphere of beverage ownership, this week the company secured their largest ever acquisition of another brand. According to Euromonitor Data, between new acquisition BodyArmor and Powerade, which was released in 1988, Coca-Cola will control roughly 26% of the U.S. sports drink market.
It also takes Mike Repole, BodyArmor’s cofounder, chairman and largest shareholder to a net worth of at least $1.5 billion. A serial sports drink entrepreneur, this isn’t the first time Repole, 52, has struck a lucrative deal with Coca-Cola.
BodyArmor emerged in 2011, when Repole teamed up with Lance Collins, who had previously sold the Fuze Beverage and NOS Energy Drink brands to Coca-Cola.
Whilst the journey has had some controversy, BodyArmor has attracted an impressive roster of investors which boosted its brand, and who’ll benefit from this latest transaction. Repole has said he will stay on as BodyArmor’s chairman, and collaborate with Coca-Cola on the company’s portfolio of still beverages.
Coke has paid more than 4x revenue (let alone the EBITDA multiple) to secure this strategic play, with brand an important piece of the value. With that in mind, how deliberate are you about building the value of your brand? What do you think may be missing? How will brand development feature in your multi-year plans? Is this part of your 2022 Strategic Planning Agenda?